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Coming November 2012 – the Waterfront IT law seminar

Sep 27, 2012

Following hot on the heels of our very successful corporate seminar held earlier this year on “Realising Maximum Value From the Sale of Your Private Company”, which you can read a bit more about here, the Waterfront commercial contracts team are stepping up to present a seminar focusing on updates in the IT law sector and highlighting some key issues we think companies in the IT industry are facing.   The seminar is due to be held in London. We’ve come up with some ideas for topics, but for reasons you’ll find out below, these are by no means set in stone!   Topic 1 Looking up to the cloud: issues surrounding the move from desktop to SaaS.   Topic 2 Open Source Software – just how open is it?   Topic 3 Copyright Infringement: can the functionality of a computer program qualify for copyright protection?   Meet Our Client Meet our client: Q&A with ???????? - we’ve got to have at least one surprise!   However, it’s not all about what we think!   We’d like to here from you with any topic suggestions. Any burning IT law issues that you don’t know how to deal with? Any areas you just can’t get your head around? Let us know by tweeting your answers @uklaw using the hashtag #WaterfrontWinterSeminar