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Hi, I'm Jean-Marc Pettigrew

Feb 14, 2012

Jean-Marc Pettigrew Waterfront team: IT/Commercial Contracts   Best thing about your job: Seeing start ups become successful. And then seeing them come back for more advice.   …and the worst: people assuming we have “templates” that must only take “about an hour” to produce for clients.   Top tip for clients: “My word is my bond”. If someone offers you this instead of a contract: Get.The.Heck.Out.Of.There.   Proudest work achievement: Qualifying as a lawyer. It took me 9 years from starting university, but if I had to do it all over again, I really wouldn’t.   Most visited website:  BBC sports website – it’s an addiction I can’t get over.   In my spare time I…train for marathons and spend too much time on my ipad (one of those has got to go – clue: it sounds like charathons).