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Hi, I’m Patrick Peake

Jul 19, 2013

Waterfront Team: Corporate and Employment.

Best thing about your job: Meeting so many interesting clients with great business ideas.

… and the worst: Its impact on my viewing of England cricket matches.

Top tip for clients: No matter if it seems like an unnecessary hassle starting out, it is always sensible to have all corporate documents in place such as a shareholders’ agreement when setting up a business. Having them will reduce the possibility of disputes or confusion down the line.

Proudest work achievement: The first agreement I did which my supervisor did not scribble red pen over. Losing the Trainee prefix was also pretty great too.

Most visited website: Reiss, the Guardian, Pitchfork, Practical Law and Facebook.

In my spare time I…Watch cricket, struggle with crosswords and go to the pub with friends.