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Meet Our Client: Better Schools Project

Oct 10, 2013

We’ll start with an easy one…  when was the Better Schools Project established?

January 2012.

What’s your elevator pitch?

We help schools across the UK find the best value suppliers, for free!

What is the one piece of advice that you would give to someone just about to go into business on their own?

Think long and hard about whether you are prepared to make the sacrifices to your personal life. They will be significant and lengthy. If you are not willing to make those sacrifices get a job and save yourself the stress.

What is the best business decision that you’ve ever made?

Going against the trend. When the start-up world is looking at technology solutions and software starting an unfashionable broking model has worked well. People think business can all be done remotely but there is still a huge need to interact with people and to sell.

And the worst…?  (If you’re prepared to share!)

Selling fruit and smoothies at music festivals in the UK – success was contingent on good weather which didn’t happen!

What are you going to do differently over the next 12 months? (Particularly in light of the current economic climate)

Our focus has always been on over delivering for the customer. This is at the centre of what we do and helps us grow in a range of climates.

And finally, what do you most value about working with Waterfront?

It feels like we’re dealing with real people and unlike most solicitors there isn’t any arrogance – just good advice given in simple terms.