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Meet Our Client: Bob Owen Photography

Dec 14, 2012

We’ll start with an easy one… when was Bob Owen Photography established?   Bob Owen Photography was established on the 5th April 2012. I produce documentary photography of weddings. It took a lot of preparation to get to this stage as a large amount of my time was spent training and planning what the brand would look like and making sure that it was consistent before it was established. I produce digital images and luxury albums, and will often create slide shows for clients telling the story of the day.   What’s your elevator pitch?   I am a wedding photojournalist and only use natural or available light. I do not orchestrate more than absolutely necessary which means I can make the most natural and relaxed images of the special day. I am unlimited by time or distance and will tell the story of the day from the very start to days end. I present my work largely in classic and elegant black & white, but of course use colour where its part of the story.   What is the one piece of advice that you would give to someone just about to go into business on their own?   The best advice I was given was to get good advice for myself! This meant finding a good solicitor and a good accountant who could not only provide a proficient and professional service, but also who I felt really comfortable picking up the phone to and who understood my brand. When I came across Waterfront I found that they understood my speciality and what I was about.   What is the best decision that you’ve ever made?   [caption id="attachment_3057" align="alignright" width="412"] A sample of Bob’s work[/caption] The best decision I made was to invest well in my training and make sure I perfected my skills before starting the company. This involved making a substantial investment in time and money in order to make sure the company would be successful.   And the worst…? (If you’re prepared to share!) I have not really made any bad decisions but there is one thing I would have changed in retrospect. I set the company up as a limited company and have found that I probably would have been financially better off if I had remained as a sole trader for the last year, and perhaps also the upcoming one.   What are you going to do differently over the next 12 months? (Particularly in light of the current economic climate)   There is not really anything that I would do differently, but I have identified an area of improvement which is the marketing of the company. I will be focussing on refining the website and understanding what advertising works best to attract clients.   And finally, what do you value most about working with Waterfront?   I have found Waterfront to work with the upmost professionalism, and it was a great help that they had experience in dealing with photographers and start up companies. I found the solicitors to be approachable, understanding and friendly. Waterfront are a young and energetic company who really understood my business and I was wholly impressed with their work.   Please visit for more information.