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Meet our client – EmailBee

Jun 12, 2014

This month we’d like to introduce you to our client EmailBee. We’ve been talking to their Co-Founder, Al Taylor.

We’ll start with an easy one…  when was EmailBee established?

January 2014.

What’s your elevator pitch?

We drive traffic to your company content: blog, twitter feed, facebook page etc. by inserting centrally-controlled footers into your team’s emails. We then track views and click through rates.

Lots of companies spend time and money writing blogs and managing social media but struggle to get visitors to consume their content – EmailBee aims to solve this problem.

What is the one piece of advice that you would give to someone just about to go into business on their own?

Focus on getting a ‘minimum viable product’ into customers’ hands as soon as you can. Don’t skimp on design, just strip out the bells and whistles. As the guys from Basecamp say ‘deliver a kick-ass half rather than a half-assed whole!’

What is the best business decision that you’ve ever made?

“Bootstrapping” our previous business. It involved the founders having very little salary for the first couple of years – but it made us focus on delivering real value to customers. It was great fun to grow the company without external investors telling us what we could or couldn’t do. It also meant we didn’t have to share the profits with anyone who wasn’t actively involved in the business.

It may not be the quickest way to a billion dollars – but it gives you a real sense of freedom.

And the worst…?  (If you’re prepared to share!)

Hiring the wrong person in a key role. The trap to avoid is hiring someone who has the required technical skill, when it is invariably an individual’s outlook that really drives their success and value. We now look for people who value the interests of others and the company equally with their own. If you can hire those kinds of people then you can create a really strong team environment.

What are you going to do differently over the next 12 months? (Particularly in light of the current economic climate)

We’ve been in the cocoon of building and testing EmailBee’s first product – hopefully the next 12 months will present the different challenge of growing the customer base and responding to customers’ needs. We are looking forward to it.

And finally, what do you most value about working with Waterfront?

We first worked with Waterfront in 2006.  What we discovered was a firm that was not only professional and highly capable but also friendly.

So, when we launched our new business this year we had no hesitation in working with Waterfront again. Katie Broadley was very quick to understand the business model and provided us with robust, thorough (and friendly!) advice – explaining the pros and cons of different sections of the various legal documents. We found the transparent and fixed pricing really helpful too.

You can find more information about EmailBee at