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Meet our client – Jumar Solutions

Mar 4, 2014

This month we’d like to introduce you to our client Jumar Solutions. We’ve been talking to their Marketing Manager, Andy Holmes.

We’ll start with an easy one…  when was Jumar Solutions established?

The company goes back to 1999, and has been owned and run by Managing Director, Wendy Merricks, throughout its history.

What’s your elevator pitch?

We’re a genuinely unique IT company.  Part of the business carries out complex modernisation projects on large scale IT systems  across the globe, allowing users to integrate software that they have had for many years with more modern interfaces (like the web) as well as modern low-cost hardware infrastructures.  The other part of the business provides people for those – and other –projects.  It is a recruitment and resourcing provider, which can fill IT vacancies from ad-hoc requirements, through to global-scale assignments, across the IT development life-cycle.

What is the one piece of advice that you would give to someone just about to go into business on their own?

Always go with your gut instinct.  Remember that if something looks too good the be true, then it usually is.  Always make sure that any business you are going to sign up to looks and feels right.

What is the best business decision that you’ve ever made? 

To take on a non-executive Chairman to support the future growth and strategy of the business.

And the worst…?  (If you’re prepared to share!)

There’s no such thing as a bad decision, as long as it’s carefully considered and justified at the time that you make it.  Using hindsight, I would say that on the few occasions it has happened, not trusting instinct when it comes to employing people can lead to decisions that one later regrets.

What are you going to do differently over the next 12 months? (Particularly in light of the current economic climate)

We have some very exciting growth plans for the coming 12 months, and thereafter.  Our plan for this is to agree a precise strategic plan and direction and ensure we stick to it.

And finally, what do you most value about working with Waterfront?

The fact that I have total trust and confidence in Waterfront to give me sound advice and guidance.

You can find more information about Jumar Solutions at