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Newsflash: Join the Great Cookie Debate on Twitter

Mar 2, 2012

Click for our twitter page!Waterfront is hosting its very first ‘twitter event’ on Wednesday 7 March at 2pm. We're talking cookies, and we’re planning to kick off the debate with a few pointed questions. How will the new law will affect online marketers? Is anyone actually working on a good technical ‘opt-in’ solution? Do the majority of consumers even really care about cookies?!   Of course, people will be able to ask us for advice on the new law, but we’re hoping that the event will be more of a discussion than a legal advice session.   To get involved:  

1. Follow @uklaw on twitter.

2. Jump online at 2pm on Wed 7 March. We’ll send out a few introductory tweets to get things going.

3. Feel free to respond, or throw in questions or comments of your own.

4. Use the hashtag #CookieDebate - and use it to follow the conversation.

  If you’ve got any questions about the event, please tweet us @uklaw.