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Certification mark

A certification mark provides a guarantee that the goods or services bearing the mark comply with a certain defined standard. The mark is usually made easily visible to the buyer, either on product packaging or within website content, helping to assist the buyer with important information at a glance.

Certification marks are usually registered in the name of trade associations, health organisations, government departments, technical institutes or other similar bodies.

An example of a product that benefits from the use of certification marks, are packs of eggs. In the UK eggs are farmed via various methods. Consumers who are concerned with the specific living standards of hens may search for the 'RSPCA Assured' certification mark or if they want to be sure their eggs are organic they may search the box for the 'Soil Association' certification mark. Both marks require the farmers to prove to governing bodies that they meet specific standards before they can use the mark on their packaging.


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