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Copyright - Intellectual Property Law

Copyright is a law that protects your work from being copied or used without your permission. At Waterfront we most commonly assist clients who have copyright protected code, databases, website content or literary content. Literary content can include dramatic, musical and artistic work, including illustration and photography. It also covers television and film recordings.

In the UK, the original authors automatically own the copyright to any work they make or create, as long as they do not sell the copyright to someone else. There is no need to register the copyright.

If someone is copying your work, distributing copies of your work, renting your work to others, showing or playing your work or even adapting it without your permission your copyright has been infringed. When this happens, you may choose sue for the amount that should have been paid in order to use your work.

Copyright law is often the primary intellectual property right used to protect digital content in industries as diverse as computer software, gaming apps, advertising and marketing, media, entertainment and publishing - to name only a few sectors that we deal with.

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