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Digital Media

The term ‘digital media’ covers a very wide range of different types of businesses (and hobbies!) and the list continues to grow as technologies develop and more industries utilise online services. Many of our clients provide subscription-based services, often available on multiple devices across several platforms, allowing users to access digital marketing reports, email marketing tools and the facility to upload, edit and share media.

Waterfront works with many different types of businesses in the digital media sector including web and digital marketing agencies, website and app owners, developers and designers, SEO professionals, mobile advertising agencies, internet publications and many others.

Some examples of our work in the digital media sector are:

  • Drafting user terms and conditions, including social media codes of conduct and blog or forum rules;
  • Drafting contracts between web service providers and their clients, such as SEO Services Agreements and App Development Agreements;
  • Drafting IPR licences between website owners and creators of content such as video, audio and copy;
  • Assisting businesses with privacy and data protection compliance, for example in relation to direct marketing activities;
  • Advising on disputes relating to the “publication” of allegedly defamatory material via a website forum, blog, comment facility, or on social media; and
  • Advising a marketing company in relation to its use and potential use of third party copyright material in an online content marketing business.

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