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E-Commerce Law

Waterfront has assisted all manner of e-commerce businesses - dating websites,  taxi apps, websites selling goods online as an extension of the business’ other sales channels, complex web tools providing software based services (SaaS), music download sites and a myriad of others. More clients with new and interesting ideas come to us all the time. 

Waterfront acknowledges that every online business is different and we specialise in drafting bespoke contracts, working with our clients to understand how their business operates and drafting contracts that reflect this approach.

Some examples of the types of work that we do in this area are:

  • Drafting terms and conditions for the online purchase of goods, services and digital content;
  • Drafting standard terms for advertisers, sponsors and merchants whose content is displayed on website;
  • Drafting contracts between website owners and their service providers, such as developers, designers, copywriters, server hosts, SEO experts and support service providers;
  • Advising on what information must be provided to online purchasers, particularly where those purchasers are consumers;
  • Ensuring that marketing and other data collection and use complies with all data protection obligations; and
  • Performing audits of a business’ online operations; advising on legal issues and potential pitfalls (and suggesting changes to help avoid them!)

If the focus of your website or app isn’t e-commerce read more our about our expertise in IT and Technology.

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