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Contractual Disputes

All business relationships are governed by some form of commercial agreement. 

When parties enter into an agreement, they rarely do so with any inkling that the relationship may end in a dispute. Unfortunately, on occasion business relationships break down and the result of any dispute can become very important to the businesses involved.  

Such contract disputes raise complex legal issues that require careful handling. The solicitors at Waterfront specialise in assisting clients deal with the legal and practical issues arising from such disputes. 

We understand that Court action is not always desirable. Our approach is to provide commercially sensitive advice, so that the dispute is handled in a way that protects your business goals and keeps costs to a minimum.

Unlike other city firms, our clients cover the entire spectrum, from FTSE 100 companies through to SME software providers and start-ups, often relating to the software industry.  If your dispute involves intellectual property, our IP solicitors may be better placed to support you.

If you would like further advice about handling a contractual dispute,  please contact our team of corporate lawyers in London on 020 7234 0200 for your free initial chat.