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Standard Terms

Do you need to create standard terms or to amend your existing standard terms? Waterfront’s commercial contracts team drafts standard terms to govern the full range of business relationships, the most common ones being:

  • Sale of goods to customers – whether appearing on your website for online sales or as part of your standard order documentation to be signed in person.
  • Provision of services to clients – as above, these may apply to online services (which could be as part of a software as a service offering), or standard services contract signed in person.
  • Software development contracts – conforming to the relevant development methodology, process and outlining and ownership of intellectual property.
  • Licensing intellectual property rights to licensees – setting out the rights and restrictions on use of the relevant IP.
  • Disclosure of confidential information to business contacts – including who the confidential information can be disclosed to and the particular purpose it can be used for.
  • Engagement of sub-contractors – whether with freelance individuals or service companies.


We have very extensive and specific expertise in various industry sectors and our information technology and technology lawyers understand what is considered ‘normal business practice’ in those industries. We draw on this expertise when drafting standard terms, which helps ensure our clients don’t waste time and energy trying to impose standard terms that their clients or customers will never accept. 

We also provide dispute resolution services in relation to alleged breaches of standard terms, including assistance with settlement and dealing with small claims, fast track and multi track High Court litigation.

If you need assistance drafting standard terms or amending your existing terms, please contact our commercial team or corporate lawyers in London on 020 7234 0200.