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It is essential for businesses to stop competitors imitating their key brands, products and designs. Imitations not only divert trade from a business, but also can cause serious reputational harm.

We regularly work with rights owners who are looking to combat counterfeiters and we have experience of a range of anti-counterfeiting techniques. We will work with you to prepare a strategy and to identify the most appropriate methods to combat any counterfeiters threatening your business.

Examples of our team’s work in anti-counterfeiting include:

  • Acting for the International Trade Mark Association, a worldwide association of trade mark owners and practitioners, in their intervention in the Nokia v HMRC action at the Court of Justice of the European Union. We advocated the position of brand owners that customs authorities should be empowered to seize counterfeit goods when in transit through the UK (or other EU) countries.
  • Acting for a boutique brand owner to stop products which infringed its intellectual property rights being offered for sale in high street stores.
  • Acting for clients in various different industries, from horticulture to fashion, to stop products which infringed our clients’ intellectual property rights being offered for sale on the internet.
  • Working with brand owners to make applications to the customs authorities to ensure that all products from un-official sources entering the UK and elsewhere were stopped. 
  • Advising both brand owners and alleged counterfeiters in relation to trading standards investigations.
  • Advising clients on the use of the Ebay VERO, Amazon, and Ali Baba notification processes as part of their intellectual property enforcement strategy.

If you are facing a problem with counterfeits, or are developing a product and want to be in the best position to enforce your rights against counterfeiters, please get in touch to discuss the most effective strategy for you.  

If you already have intellectual property in place, or are looking to do so, our copyright lawyers and trademark solicitors can help your business the protection it needs.