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Staff Handbooks

Staff handbooks (also known as employee handbooks) set out the policies and procedures in place within an organisation, and act as supporting documentation to an employment contract. The policies contained in a handbook can be either contractual or non-contractual.

Employers should ensure that their employees are provided with access to the staff handbook upon commencement of their employment. Handbooks can be used as an aid to induction and training of new employees, but also assist in meeting an employer’s legal obligations by providing written information to employees.

Key Terms

Staff handbooks may include policies on:

  • Equal opportunities, including anti-harassment, bullying and general equal opportunities best practice;
  • Termination of employment, including redundancy and retirement policies;
  • Day to day conduct within the organisation, including dress code, data protection, sickness absence and expenses;
  • The working environment, including health & safety, no-smoking and whistleblowing;
  • Performance management, including policies for disciplinary procedures and grievances;
  • Leave entitlements, including maternity, paternity and adoption, compassionate and bereavement leave, and flexible or home working.

The handbook may also contain forms including sickness self-certification, equal opportunities monitoring and requests for family leave.

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