Waterfront is delighted to announce the appointment of Sharon Zachariah to the firm’s partnership.

Sharon joined the team in September last year to head up the firm’s commercial, IT contracts and data protection practice, having previously held in-house positions in numerous organisations spanning charity to finance, staffing to public sector.  Since then, she and her team have advised on all aspects of commercial contracts, technology and data privacy to the firm’s existing client base and to newly won clients too.

Waterfront partner, Anthony Purvis said “We knew from the outset that the combination of Sharon’s depth of expertise and her down-to-earth and friendly approach to the work and clients made her a great fit for the firm.  We’re really pleased to have her as a partner.”

To find out more about Sharon, we put some important questions to her.

How did you get started in law?

I used to teach English to executives in Germany. As a person from an arts and teaching family, this was my first real contact with the business world. I started getting quite interested when I was asked to help interpret contracts in English. After completing my master’s degree (Magister Artium) from the University of Mainz and spending some more time teaching, I sold up all my worldly goods and moved to London to study law!

What attracted you to Waterfront?

All the partners are personable, frank and very intelligent. They are also ethically driven and have the best interests of the staff in mind: all in all, a great fit, so I was very happy to be asked to join the firm as Head of Commercial and Data Protection.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working with my team, who are lovely people and keen to excel. Working with my clients, who are clever business-people with energy, ideas and initiative. And being asked to join the Waterfront partnership by such well-regarded lawyers is, in itself, a great pleasure and privilege.

What one piece of advice do you always give to clients?

I was taught very early in my career to ask myself whether something was a real risk to my client or a point they could afford to concede. I put that to clients, so together we can focus on key issues rather than lose time on points of principle.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Many years ago, it was drummed into me to “never assume”. As a commercial lawyer that has been so important. One must ask and check rather than assume.

What’s your dream holiday destination and why?

This spring we went on our first resort holiday, and I don’t think I will ever look back!

Sharon’s promotion takes the number of partners to six as the firm maintains and continues its growth in its four key specialisms:  IP and disputes, corporate, commercial and data protection, and employment.

Congratulations to Sharon!