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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Nov 17, 2020

Waterfront Solicitors is taking appropriate measures to safeguard the continued health and well-being of our employees in a manner that continues to deliver an uninterrupted service to our clients.
In accordance with current UK government advice, and with effect from 17 March 2020, our lawyers and business service professionals will generally be working remotely and avoiding travel on public transport. We are also encouraging our staff to avoid face to face meetings wherever possible. We have for some time had in place the information systems and technology infrastructure that have allowed our lawyers to work for home so this change should have minimal impact on the service that we provide to our clients. Clients will be able to get in touch with and deal with their usual Waterfront contacts however they would normally do so.     

However there may be times where there are limited staff in our office or the office is closed during our normal working day. We would, therefore, ask that all written correspondence that is time sensitive be either sent to us or copied to us by email. Please also warn us in advance of any deliveries to our office, so that we can make appropriate arrangements to receive them.
If you do not know what email address to use, please use the following:
For all correspondence in contentious matters:
For all other matters:
We can also be contacted on the usual Waterfront number: 020 7234 0200.
We will update this notice if there are any further changes in our working arrangements.