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Waterfront welcomes new trainee solicitor

Feb 1, 2015

We're pleased to welcome new trainee solicitor, Andrew Gordon to the Waterfront team. Andrew joins Waterfront from William Hill, where he worked as a paralegal. 

Just when Andrew thought that the job interview was out of the way, we decided to ask him a few more questions.

Why did you decide to join Waterfront?

Waterfront’s expertise in tech really appealed to me. I am a bit of a geek at heart and find tech, especially emerging and disruptive tech, very interesting and exciting. The ability to work with clients at the forefront of the emerging/disruptive tech sector and assist in both a legal and commercial context, whilst also being able to be part of that companies growth is for me the greatest reward and I believe that I can achieve this at Waterfront.

Why do you like about working for Waterfront?

Everyone is very approachable and knowledgeable which means whenever there is an occasion I do not understand a particular legal complexity or need some assistance it is always on hand in a very friendly manner.

What’s the most common misapprehension about the legal profession?

That we all have an acute understanding of the letter of the law, but not an ounce of commercial acumen to accompany it.

Describe your working style in three words.

Thorough, dependable and timely.

Whom do you most admire in the worlds of business & tech?

I admire people who rip up the rule book and strive to change the way people do things, either B2B or B2C, for the better. Examples which come to mind are the founders of Betfair (Andrew Black and Edward Wray) and the founders of TransferWise (Kristo Kaarman and Taarvet Henrikus).

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