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Charlotte Lang

Trainee Solicitor

Charlotte is a graduate of Sussex University and completed the Legal Practice Course at the University of Law. Prior to joining Waterfront, she spent over two years in-house at a start-up tech company.

Why did you decide to join Waterfront?

I was interested in working at Waterfront as I am very passionate about the areas of law that Waterfront specialise in, especially commercial and IP. After meeting the partners during the interview process I knew I wanted to work at Waterfront as part of a friendly, supportive and knowledgeable team.

What do you like about being part of a team?

Being part of a team is great as you can learn from others and also share your own knowledge. If you have any problems then you have a support network to help you and when you complete a successful piece of work you can celebrate with your team, which is more fun than celebrating on your own!

If you hadn’t become a solicitor what career would you have like to pursue?

I loved studying History at school, so much that I nearly did a History degree. If I had I may have become a History teacher.

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