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Allocate Software Plc

My priorities when using lawyers are excellent service, competitive rates and an in-depth experience of the legal issues facing the software industry...

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Sickle Cell Society

The Sickle Cell Society is a small but ambitious nationwide charity that advocates for and supports those affected by the most common hereditary blood condition in man- sickle cell disease...

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Cash & Cheque Express

Waterfront assisted us in defending a High Court claim of Trade Mark infringement....

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Sarah Beeny

Protecting my name and image is key. Back in 2005 I was looking for a firm that knew their stuff, didn't cost the earth and would not only get things done but also achieve results...

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BDP Media Group Ltd

I found Waterfront very supportive. I needed quick reliable employment law advice...

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Find Invest Grow Limited

Waterfront has advised us on a wide range of legal matters since we had the idea for FIG and they have always provided an excellent service at a cost that a start-up can actually afford.

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Made In Me LLP

From the very first meeting we ever had I knew these were folk like us that above all else wanted to do great work.

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As a start up company it's important to have reliable and consistent advice, some of which may be hard to hear.

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