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Travel & Transport Tech

The travel and transport tech industry makes up an important part of Waterfront’s IT and technology sector focus. Travel and transport are among the most competitive and dynamic industries, which means we enjoy working with a real mix of innovative clients in an industry that expands at a fast pace, meeting the demand for creative solutions. As a tech specialist law firm, we are well-equipped to assist those working with complex platforms, drafting and advising on commercial agreements that govern the supply and sale of products and services in this industry.

Waterfront understands that there are a wide array of business models that cater to these industries. As well as standard terms, we specialise in bespoke contracts - working with our clients to get under the skin of how their business operates and drafting contracts that reflect their approach.

Some examples of work that we have done in this area are:

  • Drafting terms and conditions, and advising on data protection obligations for a taxi app;
  • Drafting standard terms for advertisers, sponsors and merchants whose content is displayed on a client’s online marketplace;
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts between platform owners and their service providers, such as developers, designers, copywriters, server hosts, SEO experts and support service providers;
  • Advising on what information must be provided to online purchasers, particularly where those purchasers are consumers;
  • Our specialist data protection team help you ensure that marketing and other data collection and use complies with all GDPR and other data protection obligations; and
  • Performing audits of a business’ online operations; advising on legal issues and potential pitfalls (and suggesting amendments to ensure you avoid them!)

Some other types of matters we advise upon in this industry:

  • Domain name disputes
  • Brand protection
  • Corporate investment
  • Employment and HR matters

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