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Virtual In House Lawyer

Your “Virtual In-House Lawyer” will provide the sort of broad commercial legal services that any other in-house lawyer would provide.  

Prior to commencing provision of the service, we will discuss your requirements with you and identify which member of our team is best placed to provide the types of services you most often require. That member of the team will spend time getting to know you and your business and will then be ready to provide all the services that a general commercial in-house lawyer would usually undertake, including:

  • Drafting, updating and negotiating your contracts
  • Responding to your legal queries
  • Advising you of any changes in the law and what you need to do to address them
  • Assessing your usual practices and procedures and flagging up any issues
  • Attending meetings with you as your legal counsel
  • Basic assistance from IP solicitors, employment law. company secretarial and data protection law firm advice (with assistance from experts available if necessary).

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