We are still reeling from last Thursday night when we had the opportunity to take part in one of those rare events. The ones that leave you gobsmacked, inspired and just a little more humble.

This is the third time that Waterfront has been lucky enough to attend an “Apps for Good” event and we must say, it is so exciting to be apart of an idea that just WORKS!

If you haven’t heard of them, Apps for Good is a charity that teaches young people about coding and the fundamentals of the digital world, it then connects students with expert volunteers in the Tech industry to develop their ideas. Delivered to students aged between 10-18 years, it inspires a different way of learning, guiding them to work together to find real issues they care about and use their knowledge to build an app that provides a solution.

Since its launch in the UK in 2010, Apps for Good has helped over 20,000 students in 400 schools and colleges across the country to start on the journey to create mobile, social and web apps.

Whilst this all sounds grand, this is not the gobsmacking part. The part that will leave you speechless (and maybe a little teary) is the ideas these children have imagined, grown and developed.

Take this season’s People Choice Award winners – the team from Denbigh High School and their app Who Cares? Who Cares? aims to connect the 700,000 young people in the UK that take on the role of a carer to their parent, sibling or relative. These young people often feel isolated and disconnected from their community and peers. The guys from Denbigh HS created Who Cares? as a portal to help young carers connect to each other, share their stories and advice, connect them to community and youth centres and events going on in their area.

Other award winners include One Click Politics an app that helps young people get tuned into politics, My World of Atoms which brings the periodic table to life and Sound Clash which lets you and your friends synchronise music on your smartphones to get a bigger sound.

Listening to the teams pitch their ideas last night, you couldn’t help but be drawn in and get excited by their enthusiasm, energy and passion for their products.

To check out the all of this year’s finalists, please click here.