Waterfront Law is a leading firm of patent litigation lawyers based in London. Related services that we offer include:

  • Conduct of patent litigation in the English Courts, including in the High Court, Patents Court and IPEC (including groundless threats proceedings)
  • Advising on patent validity issues, whether as part of patent litigation proceedings or as part of the UK Patent Office’s non-binding evaluation process
  • Assisting in the negotiation and drafting of patent assignments and licences (whether on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with prospective patent litigation proceedings)
  • Acting for parties and witnesses making or resisting English Court Orders pursuant to Hague Convention Letters of Request in support of patent litigation taking place outside the UK

Our particular strength is patent litigation. Our IP litigation team have acted on a wide range of patent litigation disputes across a number of industry sectors, but have particular experience of dealing with disputes in the engineering, electrical,  consumer goods, software and agrochemical sectors.

We also have experience of acting for clients who are involved in multi-jurisdictional patent disputes.  Often being instructed by defendants who are faced with potentially oppressive patent litigation threats from much larger multi-national entities.  We have a proven track record of assisting SMEs in navigating their way out of complex patent thickets.

We have the skills and experience to conduct all forms of patent litigation – from multi-million pound claims in the High Court to more modest (although often commercially vital) claims in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.  As mentioned above, we are particularly proud of our track record helping SMEs successfully resist claims brought by much larger entities.

We generally do not offer patent drafting and patent prosecution services but work with specialist patent attorneys when those services are required.

Cost is central concern to most of our patent dispute clients.  Our efficient and competitive pricing models allow us to bring to bear our most experienced patent lawyers.

Patent litigation in the UK has the reputation of being extremely expensive.  This reputation stems from the experience of some litigants in the Patents Court of the High Court of England and Wales, which deals with most high-value and complex patent disputes.  The situation has changed more recently with the advent of initiatives and forums specifically aimed at providing more efficient streamlined court procedures, which in turn drive down cost.   These alternative forums include the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and the Shorter Trial Scheme.

Waterfront prides itself on its ability to offer more tailored and cost-effective pricing packages to our clients, which enable them to litigate effectively in these more streamlined court procedures.

Specialist Intellectual Property Team

The patent litigation services that Waterfront offers includes the following:

  • Pre-action advice on patent infringement and patent validity issues. Given that virtually all allegations of the patent infringement are countered by a counterclaim for patent invalidity, it is necessary to consider validity issues at the outset of any infringement matter (whether acting for a prospective claimant or defendant).
  • Advice on patent litigation strategy, including in relation to multi-national patent disputes. Whereas some patent disputes are solely related to the UK, other disputes have an international element.  Waterfront is experienced in acting for patentees in both scenarios.
  • Advice on patent litigation procedural issues. This is a core specialism at Waterfront.  Patent litigation proceedings usually involve complex issues of, amongst other things, disclosure and expert evidence.  Sometimes effective management of these processes can be the difference in obtaining a successful outcome.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the patent sphere.  Most patent disputes settle without recourse to litigation and fewer still make it all the way to a final hearing.  One highly effective method of ADR is mediation.  Waterfront is experienced at all forms of ADR and will deploy the correct form of ADR in order to suit our client’s objectives when engaged in a patent dispute.
  • Advice on the Unified Patent Court (UPC) – the UPC is a new creation which covers both European patents and the new Unitary Patent (which is the unified patent created to be governed by the UPC). While the UK is not a member of the UPC, there is still the potential for UPC-related issues to have an effect on patent disputes within the UK.
  • Patent valuation services in the field of patent litigation – a successful claimant for patent infringement will ordinarily be entitled to elect for damages or an account of profits from the infringer, whichever is the most valuable. Waterfront is one of the few firms to have experience of taking such damages enquiries and account of profits to a final hearing.
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