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We are specialists in advising both employees and employers on settlement agreements.

Unlike some employment specialists, our settlement agreement solicitors are pleased to represent both individuals and businesses.  It means that we maintain an excellent working knowledge of the tactical, legal and commercial considerations which are important on both sides of the table.  It is this rounded expertise which means we are formidable advisers to both employer and employee.

For employees

Our settlement agreement lawyers are proud to have advised thousands of individuals on their employer’s proposal of settlement, whether that’s simply advising on the terms or negotiating better ones.

We know that it can be a confusing process and one which most will have never experienced before.  Accordingly, we always take the time to explain how it works before understanding the background and advising on how your legal rights compare to the terms proposed.

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You can call or email one of our specialist settlement agreement solicitors now with any questions and our details are below.

You might also find useful this blog on 10 answers for employees who have been offered a settlement agreement or our complete guide to settlement agreements for employees which is  .  It includes a video of one of our settlement agreement lawyers answering some common questions.

Settlement agreement: what to expect from Waterfront

When you contact us about your settlement agreement, you can expect the following:

  • A team with over 20 years’ experience of advising on and negotiating settlement agreements.
  • A free initial no-obligation chat so that we can understand the situation and how we can help.
  • On the initial call we will talk to you about how we charge for our advice. In the majority of cases our fees will be paid in full by your employer.
  • A dedicated named settlement agreement solicitor, who will be your contact and represent you throughout.
  • You will need to provide us with the settlement agreement itself, together with any related documents such as your employment contract. We also need ID for all new clients.
  • A further and much more in-depth call will then be scheduled with your settlement agreement solicitor. Once they have the relevant information, you will be advised on your rights, the possible value of those rights and the terms of the settlement agreement.
  • Clear, practical advice on your options.
  • The ability to make a fully informed decision about accepting, rejecting or negotiating the terms on offer.
  • If you do not want to agree and you would prefer us to pursue your rights in the Employment Tribunal, we will be happy to do so.

When it comes to settlement agreements (or compromise agreements as they used to be known) we have years of experience and we look forward to sharing it with you.

For employers

With expert advice from a settlement agreement solicitor, employers can use settlement agreements effectively to both progress and protect their business.

A settlement agreement can be used to bring the employment relationship to an end by mutual consent, resolve a dispute or simply as a condition of an enhanced severance or redundancy package.

In particular, settlement agreements can be used:

  • To deal with performance, conduct or ill health issues, which might otherwise be difficult or time-consuming for a busy management team.
  • To conclude grievances.
  • As part of financial assistance to employees in a redundancy situation.

We advise employers on all aspects of settlement agreements, from the underlying legal framework, to making an offer, to any negotiation and even enforcement if an agreement is breached.  Our experienced settlement agreement solicitors can help you at every stage.

The negotiation of a settlement agreement – both the financial and non-financial elements – can be difficult for those without the relevant experience and that’s exactly what our settlement agreement solicitors offer: over 20 years of getting the right resolutions for our clients.

We always advise with the best commercial interests of the business in mind, which usually means balancing the costs against the benefits.

Of course, settlement agreements mean some cost, for example in respect of the agreed payment to the employee and the legal advice required.  But in the right cases – and with guidance from a settlement agreement solicitor – they can offer benefits which far outweigh those costs, including the certainty that there won’t be a claim against the business, as well as confidentiality.

Call us now or see our complete guide to settlement agreements for employers

To find out more, you can contact one of our settlement agreement lawyers today using the details below.

We have also prepared a complete guide to settlement agreements for employers  , which includes a video from one of our specialists answering some of the most commonly asked questions.

Recent Work

  • Advising a mother returning from maternity leave on her redundancy and subsequent settlement agreement.
  • Advising an entertainment industry client on its proposal to agree severance terms with a long-standing employee.
  • Advising an employee on the agreed settlement of allegations of race discrimination.
  • Advising a director and shareholder on his exit from a media agency.
  • Negotiating the terms of an administrator’s severance package to more than twice the amount originally offered by the employer.
  • Advising a senior employee of a charity on their exit terms.
  • Successfully negotiating the removal of an employee’s post-termination restrictions as part of their agreed severance terms.
  • Representing the CEO of a fintech business in the negotiation of their departure, including the consideration of their shareholding and ongoing relationship with the company.
For a free, no obligation conversation with a solicitor contact us.

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020 7234 0200