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EMI Share Options and Legal Advice

Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) share options are a tax-efficient tool that allows employees the opportunity to acquire shares in the company they work for. As an incentive for key and new employees, as well as retaining top talent, EMI share options are a powerful yet complex tool to that can greatly benefit your organization. At Waterfront Law, our team of experienced solicitors are here to help give you tailored legal advice that maximizes the benefits for both employers and employees.

Key features of EMI share options

  1. Tax Benefits: with EMI share options, both employee and employer are provided with significant tax advantages, such as paying lower capital gains tax rates and qualifying for tax reliefs.
  2. Employee Incentive: offers employees the chance to own a share of the company, which allows for a sense of ownership and commitment to the business.
  3. Flexibility: EMI share options can be structured specifically to suit the specific needs of your business
  4. Retention: EMI schemes offer an incentive for employees to remain with the company over long periods of time, increasing and assuring retention rates

Corporate Restructuring

We recognise that the everchanging market conditions, strategic objectives and financial challenges of your business will require to you be adaptable to unforeseen circumstances. Restructuring is a complex process that aims to limit financial harm and improve your business during times of uncertainty. With our corporate legal advice, we want help you maximise your opportunity to reach your goals, while minimising harm. Our team of experienced corporate lawyers provide tailored and effective corporate legal advice that will allow any business looking to restructure to do so with confidence and clarity.

Shareholders’ Agreements

A shareholder’s agreement is a vital document that will provide you with a blueprint that will layout the rights, obligations and responsibilities of shareholders in your company. This agreement will provide a detailed framework that will protect you, your business and your shareholders, so you can grow and run your company with assurance. Contact us today to learn more about how our expert solicitors can provide you with legal advice  to help you navigate a shareholder’s agreement to protect your interest and promote the overall success of your business.

Corporate Governance

Deciding how you want to run your company is key to a successful business venture. At Waterfront Law, we recognize the critical role that corporate governance plays to ensuring long-term sustainability, transparency and integrity within your company. Strong corporate governance practices are essential to the overall success of your business, and we want to help guide you on your journey. Our dedicated team of lawyers are committed to delivering corporate legal advice, helping you navigate the complexities of corporate governance and formulating a plan that is right for you.

Investment Agreements

Optimising investment potential is crucial to the growth of your business but is also met with risk and uncertainty. That is why having a professionally drafted investment agreement can help remove the stress associated with new investments. At Waterfront Law, we are here to provide comprehensive legal advice and guidance to help you optimize your investment goals. We ensure up-to-date legal advice that ensures your investment agreements comply with relevant laws, regulations and industry standards.

Term Sheet

As an entrepreneur, you want to foster a positive relationship between investors and yourself while still ensuring growth and prosperity for your company. Seeking professional legal advice when drafting and approaching a term sheet is critical to accurately reflect your intentions and goals. No matter what kind of company you are, or what phase in your journey, you can trust Waterfront Law to deliver expert legal advice and support to navigate and produce a term sheet that is representative of your company and its objectives.

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