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For employers it is crucial to take specialist advice at an early stage when contemplating redundancies.

Our redundancy lawyers in London have advised on the design and implementation of hundreds of successful restructuring programmes around the UK.  From a single redundancy to site closures which affect hundreds of people, we have seen them all and steered clients through the legal and human issues which arise.

We know that it’s about ensuring that the commercial aims of the business are achieved whilst carefully observing the myriad legal rights afforded to employees, including unfair dismissal protection, discrimination law, maternity rights and collective consultation obligations.

Too often we find that employers come to us once their plans have been finalised or only once a problem has arisen, usually in the form of a grievance or a Tribunal claim.  Even a short call with a redundancy solicitor can help avoid mistakes which can be costly to put right.

Working with us

Our approach to advising businesses on redundancies is simple.  We want to help you make the process as smooth and efficient as we can.

We start with an initial free no-obligation call to understand at a high level the situation and the changes you are planning.  On that call or shortly afterwards we will give you a quote for the required advice or, in some cases, a fixed or capped fee.

Once you’re happy to proceed, we will get to work analysing your options in much more detail, which usually requires us to review the contractual framework you have in place, as well as all the relevant employee data.  Next we will set out the options to you, together with our recommendation and the legal risk and costs associated with each one so that you can make a fully informed decision about how to proceed.

You can take comfort from the fact that we can be with you as much as you require during the process.  From the planning stage, to placing your employees at risk of redundancy and consulting with them, all the way to dismissal, appeals and advising on or negotiating severance packages.  If Tribunal claims are brought we will defend them and represent your best interests, but with our guidance you will minimise the risk of such disputes starting in the first place.

We can prepare all the documentation you will need including the written communications with your workforce and guide you on what to say and when.

As a team, we take pride in being responsive and contactable when required by telephone or email (our details are below).  In the unlikely event that your usual redundancy solicitor is not available on a particular day then another of the team will have been briefed to step in to assist you in their absence.

As redundancy solicitors in London we have years of experience in advising UK and international businesses with a UK workforce during reductions in headcount.

We look forward to sharing our experience with you.  By drawing on our knowledge, you can be confident of proceeding fairly and in a way which minimises risk and cost.

For employees we know that being made redundant – or simply being at risk of redundancy – can be a very difficult time. Speaking to an expert redundancy lawyer can make all the difference.

We are proud of the thousands of satisfied employee clients we have guided through the redundancy process so that they can achieve their preferred outcome.  For some it will be knowing how best to challenge and avoid their prospective redundancy and for others it will be about leaving on the best terms.

Most of our clients have come to us through word-of-mouth and recommendations, which for us is the ultimate sign of a job well done.

Some of us will never be made redundant and it might happen to others only a few times in their career.  This means that it can be an uncertain and stressful time, even life-changing.  Our redundancy solicitors work on such matters every week so, as well as expert legal advice, we can tell you what to expect and how to navigate your way through the process.

If there is anything which are you finding difficult to understand, the chances are that we have seen it before, meaning we can explain it to you in plain English.  One of our redundancy lawyers may even have represented others in redundancies or disputes with your employer.

As an employee, you are protected by a wide-range of legal rights.  Depending on the circumstances, they are likely to include unfair dismissal protection and unlawful discrimination in relation to nine protected characteristics (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation).  Whistleblowing law, health and safety and TUPE may also be in play, to name but three more areas.  Our team will be happy to guide you through them all.

Settlement agreements

Many employee clients come to us during the course of their redundancy because they have been offered a settlement agreement as part of an enhanced redundancy package.  Our redundancy lawyers are specialists at advising on and negotiating such exit terms.

Since we act for both employers and employees we know well the legal, commercial and tactical considerations which are relevant on both sides of the table.  You can find more information about the advice we provide on settlement agreements here.

What we offer to employees in a redundancy process

  • A free initial no-obligation call and quote.
  • Over 20 years’ experience of redundancies.
  • A dedicated named redundancy solicitor throughout your case.
  • Clear, practical advice on your options.
  • Transparency as to our costs throughout the course of our instruction.
  • Expert knowledge of negotiating exit terms and severance payments, gained from being both on the side of employers and employees.
  • If a resolution cannot be reached, the fierce pursuit of your rights in the Employment Tribunal.
  • Availability and responsiveness – call us on our direct numbers (below) when you need to speak to us.

If you would like our support and the benefit of our experience, we look forward to hearing from you today.

Recent Work

  • Advising on a large-scale redundancy affecting more than 200 individuals at one site.
  • Advising on the relocation of a client site resulting in the potential redundancy of more than 100 employees.
  • Advising a software provider on the restructure of its sales and marketing team.
  • Guiding a large employer on the potential reorganisation of its procurement division.
  • Representing a senior executive in relation to his proposed redundancy package, his potential claims and the negotiation of a better severance payment.
  • Representing an employee in an unfair redundancy dismissal claim arising from the employer’s failure to consider suitable alternative employment.
For a free, no obligation conversation with a solicitor contact us.

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020 7234 0200