Website Terms and Conditions

Website Terms and Conditions are an online contract. They set out the basis on which a website owner allows users to view and use their website.

No two websites are exactly the same. Every website owner needs to ensure that their own Website Terms and Conditions work for their specific website.

At a basic level, most websites provide information of some kind to users (often called “brochure-ware”). Other websites offer a platform for users to submit content, such as comments or pictures, and to interact with other users. On e-commerce websites, users can purchase goods or services and pay online. Websites will often combine all of the above.

A good set of Website Terms and Conditions is very clear and provides you with customised protection for the features and functionality of your specific website. Using a generic template, or (worse) copying someone else’s Terms and Conditions, could mean that your terms don’t provide the right protection for you. If you don’t have the right protection, then you can’t always control what users do to and with your website.

How can we help?

We offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to discuss your requirements. Give us a call or email us through our website to tell us about your website. We’ll provide you with some initial feedback and let you know how we can help ensure your Website Terms and Conditions provide you with the proper level of protection.