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Waterfront’s GDPR solicitors have extensive experience of helping businesses comply with data protection laws.

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Since the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) (and the linked Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA)), there is an increased focus on businesses to ensure that they comply with the data protection obligations placed on them. Waterfront’s data protection lawyers can provide your organisation with properly targeted, well rounded and expert legal advice so that you can meet the expectations of the GDPR and DPA.

Lack of compliance with the GDPR and DPA by businesses and organisations has notoriously resulted in reputational and financial damages and in some cases these fines have been significant. Waterfront understands how devastating this could be for businesses of any size, so our data protection lawyers work tirelessly with our client to prevent and/or mitigate the impact of such outcomes.

Waterfront’s GDPR solicitors advise on data protection on a daily basis so we have the expertise to help our clients through the data protection minefield. We understand that data protection is not the easiest area of law to get your head around., given the enhanced rights placed on individuals coupled with the fact that data protection was and continues to be complicated for businesses to navigate. The significance of data protection law continues to grow and raise issues of fundamental importance to individuals, business and organisations.

Our data protection lawyers use their GDPR knowledge to make practical suggestions, which are complaint with the GDPR and DPA that helps you save time and money by managing your risks beforehand (and not after something goes wrong). Let our data protection lawyers in London help you get ahead by ensuring the GDPR doesn’t slow your businesses down.

We provide our clients with the understanding they need to effectively comply with the administrative burdens of GDPR, these includes:

  • compiling Record of Processing Activities (RoPA);
  • conducting Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA);
  • responding to Data Subject Rights which including Data Subject Access Requests;
  • documenting and implementing policies and procedures;
  • putting in place data protection contracts including Data Processing Agreements (DPA); and
  • conducting regular DPA training and awareness within the organisation.


Savings for our clients

Our highly experienced data protection lawyers advise on a broad range of complex data protection issues. We have helped save time and money for a very broad range of businesses by:

  • Drafting privacy policies that make sure you give the right data protection information to the right people. Our clients save money because data subjects cannot claim they were given incorrect or incomplete information on how their data is processed.
  • Making sure our clients have the right processes in place to prove they are taking the GDPR seriously. If our clients ever have a data breach, they can show the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) that they have done their best to protect personal data in their custody.
  • Negotiating data protection agreements (DPAs) contracts so that while they comply with the GDPR, our clients do not offer more than is necessary.
  • Drafting GDPR compliant contracts with clauses to control how a third party uses your personal data and protect your business in the case of a data breach.
  • Helping our clients use artificial intelligence (AI) in business processes and data processing activities while complying with applicable laws including the GDPR.
  • Getting involved at the start of a project so our clients can design their processes in a way that already complies with the GDPR saving them time and money that would otherwise be lost in re-designing them.
  • Helping our client get cookies, behavioural advertising and other marketing activities right. We often get involved before a campaign to help the client minimise the risk of complaints and fines.
  • By supporting clients with their Data Subject Access Request and Deletion Requests to ensure that they are compliant with the GDPR and the statutory timeframes and obligations.
  • Drafting tailored Data Protection Policies and Procedure which help demonstrate to the ICO your compliance with the GDPR.
  • Assisting client who face complaints from individuals to the ICO or if your business is the subject of an ICO investigation.
  • Providing data protection training to your staff in a way they can understand and so they can ask questions. Pre-recorded off-the-shelf training can be great, but you cannot ask for more detail where something is unclear, or applying the law to your specific context.

Our data protection lawyers can help any business with GDPR compliance. Some examples of our clients are start-up internet-based businesses, SME providers of e-commerce websites, software development and maintenance providers, providers of software as a service, multi-national corporations, niche businesses and well-known retail and sportwear brands and many more.

Contact Waterfront’s data protection lawyers today via and ask for a free introductory call to discuss your data protection needs.

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