Employment Status

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The gig economy has made the question of employment status a very interesting and developing area of law in recent times. 

When someone carries out work are they self-employed, a worker or an employee?  It appears to be a simple question, but the answer can be complex and requires an excellent working knowledge of the relevant legal principles.

We guide businesses on all aspects of status.  From the outset it’s important to consider carefully how to engage individuals in a way which is appropriate for both parties, with a well-drafted contractual framework in place.  Beyond the agreement, companies need to know how to act in practice to reduce the risk of a costly dispute.  However, if a dispute does arise, we are well-versed in defending status claims to the best interests of our clients.

We also represent individuals who, as part of a claim for paid holiday or redress against unfair treatment, can often find that the determination of their status is the first – or sometimes even the only – hurdle they have to overcome.

Unlike some employment specialists, we are pleased to represent both individuals and businesses.  It means that we maintain an excellent working knowledge of the tactical, legal and commercial considerations which are important on both sides of the table.  It is this rounded expertise which means we are formidable advisers to both employer and employee.

Recent Work

  • Defending an Employment Tribunal claim for employee status brought against a courier company.
  • Defending an Employment Tribunal claim brought by an agency worker.
  • Advising a large business on the potential risks of employment status arising from the engagement of a self-employed contractor.
  • Training employer clients on employment status.
  • Advising a small business on the risk of its workers being deemed to be employees.
  • Represented a senior software consultant in his claim to be recognised as an employee and entitlement to employment rights.
For a free, no obligation conversation with a solicitor contact us.

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