Disciplinaries, grievances and investigations

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We know that the working relationship does not always run smoothly.  From performance and misconduct issues to complaints about the behaviour of colleagues and managers, we have advised on it all over the years.

For businesses it is really important to follow the correct process and ensure your employees’ rights are met.  Our vast experience of advising on these procedures, and litigating cases when they are challenged, means that we are specialists in helping employers do things right and limit the risk of a potentially costly claim.  Taking a wrong step can be difficult to correct when it comes to disciplinary matters, whether it’s imposing a warning or moving to dismissal.  Often we find that just a short call with one of the team can prevent an expensive mistake.

We also use our expertise to assist individuals who find themselves the subject of an investigation, either for disciplinary or performance reasons.  Our intervention can make all the difference for an employee in achieving their desired outcome.  We appreciate that such times can be particularly stressful and we are known for advising in a supportive and sympathetic manner.

Unlike some employment specialists, we are pleased to represent both individuals and businesses.  It means that we maintain an excellent working knowledge of the tactical, legal and commercial considerations which are important on both sides of the table.  It is this rounded expertise which means we are formidable advisers to both employer and employee.


Recent Work

  • Advising a property management business on the disciplinary investigation of one of its employees.
  • Advising an HR department on the response to allegations of sexual harassment brought by an employee.
  • Advising a software company in relation to an employee on long-term sickness absence.
  • Advising an employee of an international media organisation on an alleged breach of confidentiality and the associated disciplinary investigation.
  • Undertaking a third-party external investigation into allegations of misconduct by a senior executive.
For a free, no obligation conversation with a solicitor contact us.

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020 7234 0200