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We are specialists in all aspects of employment dispute resolution thanks to our years of experience advocating on our clients’ behalf in the Employment Tribunals.

From simple unfair dismissal claims to complex discrimination hearings, our employment tribunal lawyers achieve successful outcomes for both claimants and respondents.

Many involved in a dispute want to resolve it quickly and with the minimum of expense and our excellent working knowledge of the Tribunal system means we know how best to meet our clients’ aims.  Whilst a large part of our work is helping clients to avoid disputes or litigation, it is not always possible or it is simply not the desired outcome.  When litigation is necessary we are robust practitioners with a sharp eye on the legal, practical and commercial realities of the matter.

During the course of any contentious matter, our clients welcome our diligent and dogged approach to their cases which means they feel supported by al team of specialist employment tribunal solicitors who are just as invested in getting the best outcome at they are themselves.  Our constant strategic analysis of the merit, cost and value of the arguments makes us formidable lawyers to have in your corner.  We are proud of the feedback we have received over the years after helping individuals and businesses through what can be very difficult times.

How we can help

As a team, we have a combined experience of well over 20 years.  In that time we have advised on the full range of employment disputes across thousands of cases.

We are pleased to count individuals and businesses of all types and from myriad industry sectors amongst our client base.  We help startups, SMEs and established multi-nationals, as well as senior executives and more junior employees.

Our employment tribunal solicitors in London provide our clients based in capital – as well as nationwide and abroad – with the benefit of our experience including in relation to:

  • Resolving internal workplace disputes such as grievance or concerns over performance or conduct
  • The ACAS Early Conciliation process
  • Drafting claims and responses to claims
  • Schedules of loss
  • Disclosure
  • Preparing and agreeing document bundles for hearings
  • Witness statements
  • Advocating at preliminary hearings and final hearings
  • Compensation and remedy
  • Appeals
  • Settlement agreements

When to involve us

Clients can come to us for advice and representation at any point in the life of a dispute between employer and employee, but involving us at an early stage can help save money and avoid costly mistakes.  We can work with you to achieve the right outcome before a dispute (and the associated cost) escalates further.  Frustratingly, we have seen so many cases where a five minute conversation would have prevented long and expensive litigation.

Some clients choose to represent themselves and ask us to assist only with the parts of the claim where they would like our expertise, such as drafting pleadings or preparing a schedule of loss.  We are happy to work on this basis, although it’s more common for us to be involved throughout.

How much will it cost?

We offer a free initial consultation to all new clients so that we can hear about the situation you’re in and provide a tailored quote or fixed fee accordingly.

As experienced employment tribunal solicitors we know how important the question of legal costs can be.  In the tribunal, the usual rule is that the parties are responsible for paying their own legal fees no matter who has won or lost, although there are several exceptions to this rule.  With this in mind, we will work with you to estimate how much it will cost to involve us and assess that cost against the outcome you want to achieve.  We have to act in your best interests, so if we don’t think instructing us is the right decision for you then we will say so.

If you are an employee or a claimant in litigation, you may have legal expenses cover as part of your home insurance or, in some limited cases, we can offer representation on a “no win, no fee” basis.

Settling employment disputes

Because the scope to recover legal costs is limited in the employment tribunal, we will usually discuss with you the option of settlement as part of our recommended tactics.  Sometimes it can be said that only the lawyers win when legal disputes are allowed to continue unnecessarily.  We don’t think this should happen and we want you to come out of the process better off.  But if the right strategy is to fight then we will defend your interests with conviction.

Meeting with us

Most of our clients choose to consult with us via video call but we are a dedicated team of employment tribunal solicitors in London (with offices in SE1 near Borough tube station) so you are welcome to come and visit us in person if you prefer.

Recent Work

  • Defending a claim for unfair and wrongful dismissal brought by a junior employee.
  • Representing a small business in their defence of a TUPE-related dismissal, unlawful deduction from wages and related claims.
  • Successfully applying for the strike out of a discrimination claim brought out of time.
  • Successfully defending a complex disability discrimination claim brought by our client’s ex-employee.
  • Obtaining an unless order and the dismissal of a claim on behalf of a large employer.
  • Representing a former employee of a large retailer in their claim for compensation for an unlawful deduction from wages.
  • Assisting in a dispute arising from an employee’s assertion of a statutory right.
For a free, no obligation conversation with a solicitor contact us.

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020 7234 0200