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The “Opening” of the Games?

Jul 27, 2012

The Olympic Flame passed the offices of Waterfront only yesterday...  

Tonight, Londoners and the rest of the World celebrate the opening of the Olympic Games with the official opening ceremony...the excitement is rising, just as much as the temperature this week!  However, some people are now realising that the Olympics are not as “open” to business as they would like! For instance, even the Middletons (the family of our newest Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton) have fallen foul of Games organisers and their strict policing of all things “Olympic” (see article in the Telegraph from last week at . The Middletons were asked to change their party products website by LOCOG lawyers after problems were found with the promotion of goods associated with the Games. Did the Middletons not read my blogs back in March? In those posts, I discussed the trademark issues affecting businesses ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games. By way of a re-cap for all those who are thinking about taking advantage of the Games in the coming weeks, here are links to my previous blogs:  

  If you’re looking to capitalise on the Games, talk to one of our intellectual property lawyers today to make sure you don’t end up going down in Olympic flames.