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SME lawyers for your business contracts and data protection needs

If you are an SME, we are commercial solicitors who will help your business grow and flourish by ensuring you have the right business contracts and commercial law advice to ensure you get paid on time, avoid disputes with your suppliers and customers, and meet your compliance obligations

Waterfront’s commercial contracts solicitors can help your business punch above its weight and negotiate on par with major players, so you can get the contract terms and business results you deserve irrespective of your size – but we also take a collaborative approach. We make sure you have the best business relationships in place with customers and suppliers to support your business growth for the long term.

When it comes to data protection, which can seem like a minefield, we take the worry out of it for you. We draft or check your business contracts and processes without breaking the bank, so you can relax knowing you are fully compliant but also commercially protected.

Recent projects we have been involved with include:

  • Negotiating with a big player in insurance on behalf of our SME client in IT and telecoms infrastructure
  • Negotiating with a big player in telecoms on behalf of our IT support client
  • Re-writing the subscriber terms and conditions for our client’s gardening app re-launch
  • Helping our client design their job-matching app business model in compliance with data protection requirements for marketing

Being commercial as well as data protection solicitors, our advice is practical and cost-efficient. We understand that you need an SME lawyer who can guide you to put the right processes in place. If you have a data breach, you can come to us and we will guide you.

As data protection lawyers, we can make it easy for you to comply with legislation by:

  • Reviewing or drafting your documents and suggesting processes to help you become GDPR compliant
  • Drafting data protection policies for customers and website visitors
  • Drafting data protection policies for staff, with instructions for them to follow
  • Simplifying your data processor and / or data controller obligations under the UK GDPR
  • Drafting data protection agreements to go with your contracts
  • Advising on cookies, behavioural advertising and other marketing activities
  • Advising multi-national business regarding obligations in the UK and  EU
  • Conducting staff data protection training workshops with Q&A sessions for your business
  • Helping you set up international business relationships in a GDPR compliant way

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