We’ve launched a new guide to the law for startups in collaboration with the Happy Startup School. The toolkit includes information about setting up your business, getting the most from your people, building relationships with customers and suppliers, getting the most from your website and making money from your ideas.

The toolkit was launched at the Happy Startup School Summercamp on 20 September, which Waterfront sponsored. We joined a host of entrepreneurs, who gathered to hear a packed agenda of inspirational speakers talk about building businesses with passion. The philosophy behind the Startup School is that companies should measure their success in terms of happiness, as well as profits.

While no one would argue that pursuing happiness is a bad thing, some might view it as a bit of a distraction in the business world, where it’s all about the bottom line. But it turns out that happiness has everything to do with the bottom line.

Independent financial analysis shows that the financial performance of the publicly traded “100 Best Great Places to Work” consistently outperforms major stock indices by a factor of two.

Waterfront Solicitors founding partner, Carole Hailey said, “When we started Waterfront in 2002, we didn’t explicitly set out to create a firm which was all about happiness. But our work springs from our passion for helping other businesses to grow, rather than making a quick buck. So we really support the philosophy of the Happy Startup School, which echoes our experience of success based on putting people first.”