Anthony Purvis wrote about existing flexible working legislation and how things could be made easier for employed parents.

The piece by Anthony, who is Waterfront’s Head of Employment Law, was published by Personnel Today. In it, he outlines the dilemma facing new parents, who have to return to work full-time or pay childcare costs or request flexible working arrangements from their employers.

Anthony explains why the situation is “stacked so heavily in favour’’ of employers, who can cite a number of reasons why they can decline requests for flexible working.

While cheaper or more widespread childcare may help remove some of the problem, Anthony believes that the legal framework could be changed to help working parents. He points out that a 2021 government consultation on flexible working is yet to produce any notable developments

He argues that allowing more than one request a year for flexible working would help parents faced with a sudden change of circumstances. He also states that making employers with at least 250 employees publish their flexible working policies – and how many flexible working requests they have granted and refused – would enable potential employees (and parents) decide whether or not to seek employment with a firm.

Anthony’s article featured in Personnel Today.