On 6th April the government introduced a number of changes to employment law.  We’ve covered them in previous blogs and if there is a theme then it is one of trying to reduce the amount of Employment Tribunal claims faced by businesses, as reported here by the BBC a couple of weeks ago.  More changes are due later this year.

We would agree that there are now more hurdles than ever to commencing Tribunal litigation.  However the basic framework of employment rights remains broadly the same and employers must be aware of their obligations.  Of course, any employee dispute is always unwelcome even if it does not progress to a claim.

To reduce the risk of a dispute, members of the employment team provide HR training to Waterfront’s clients on a regular basis – covering the basics through to the latest developments.

This area can be a real minefield for some companies, but it’s no secret that an understanding of the rules can avoid mistakes and free up both management time and your budget for more productive matters.

On many occasions we have seen clients fall foul of employment laws and then pay the price, when some basic training on employee rights could have avoided the situation.  We’re experts in advising on the defence of claims in the Employment Tribunal but we would prefer it if our clients were kept well away from litigation in the first place.

To help our clients enjoy a quieter life, recent areas of training have included:

  • An Introduction to Employment Law in England and Wales.
  • Handling Performance Concerns.
  • Dealing with Disciplinary Issues.
  • Dealing with Grievances.
  • Avoiding Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace.
  • Handling Flexible Working Requests.
  • The Bribery Act 2010

All you need to know condensed into one session

The sessions can be anything from half an hour to a full day and can be in person or delivered remotely.  They are all interactive and we usually find that the participants end up engaging in a lively conversation about the day-to-day HR problems they face, whilst guided and advised by our qualified employment lawyers.

If you would be interested in training on these or any other HR topics, please call or email for a no-obligation quote.

As a preview, you can listen here to Head of Employment, Anthony Purvis, talk about what’s new for employment law in 2014.  Please note that this 30 minute webinar was recorded on 25th March 2014 so may be a little out of date depending on when you watch!

To get up to date on the latest developments in employment law, please contact us on 020 7234 0200 or email contact@waterfront.law