We’d like to introduce you to one of Waterfront’s long-standing clients, Find Invest Grow (FIG). We don’t harp on about all our clients, but they’re doing something rather exciting so we thought we’d help them spread the word!    FIG is all about the entrepreneurs. They work with young business men and women, typically undergraduates and graduates of the past five years, supporting them through the development of their business plans and introducing them to potential investors. FIG have helped some great companies on their route to success, their ‘Seeds’ as they like to call them, including Scratch Meals Limited and Mujo Mechanics (who we are happy to say are also Waterfront clients!).   FIG is working with their asset management company New Model Venture Capital (NMVC) to launch an investment fund, the FIG Concept Seed Fund. The fund has been created to take advantage of FIG’s huge deal flow, which each month sees hundreds of approaches from would-be entrepreneurs.   FIG is looking to reach prospective investors in the fund, which is set to target EIS and SEIS companies. It will run for a fixed term of 5 years and is open to investments of £100k+. The fund offers a tax advantaged investment vehicle and the opportunity to invest in some of the most innovative and exciting businesses of tomorrow.