Waterfront’s Joint Head of Intellectual Property, Piers Strickland gave a speech at the International Trade Council’s Think Global conference looking closely at how businesses can make contracts bulletproof, in order to protect Intellectual property rights.

Piers detailed the importance of businesses identifying their IP and the importance of locking down unregistered IP rights

His speech, entitled “How to enforce your intellectual property rights – ensuring your contracts are bulletproof. ’’, detailed why it’s important for businesses to manage their registered IP rights portfolio and how to exploit their IP commercially through licences, franchise agreements and joint ownership.

Piers also discussed the potential pitfalls for businesses when licencing any form of IP, explaining why it is important to get termination provisions,  contractual permissions and ensure that the choice of law and jurisdiction is always stipulated in any contractual agreements.

Think Global is an international event that aims to assist businesses on matters such as exporting, importing, foreign direct investment and overcoming technical barriers to trade. It attracts manufacturers, exporters of products and services and supply-chain management firms from around the world.

To access Piers’ speech visit the Think Global website.