Bluechipworld Sales and Marketing Limited (“Bluechipworld”) deals in an extensive range of communications, devices and accessory products. Its customers include Tesco, to whom it sells products such as BC-5i Big Button Mobile Phone.

In late 2011 it came to Bluechipworld’s attention that Mr Gray, an individual who had previously been involved in the Bluechipworld business, had been making unsubstantiated claims that Bluechipworld was infringing certain patent.

Waterfront were then instructed. When Mr Gray failed to respond to Waterfront’s letters, we issued proceedings against Mr Gray and his company, Maximataiwan Electronics Limited, claiming relief for unlawful threats under s70 of the Patent Act 1977.

On 7 March 2012 Mr Gray and his company submitted to judgment, admitting the threats were unjustifiable and undertaking to the court not to make similar threats in the future.  Mr Gray also agreed to pay a substantial sum towards Bluechipworld’s legal costs.

The Waterfront team was led by Matthew Harris and included Philip Partington and Sandra Salman.