Last night Fifi Conroy and I attended the latest #FashTech meetup; a collaboration of designers, software developers, and like-minded individuals at the London College of Fashion. It was great to see such a diverse range of businesses, and remind us how far-reaching the world of FashTech can be.

An evening hearing about exciting new ventures and meeting innovators in the world of fashion.

Here a just a few who caught my eye:

First we met Bespoky, a fashion app currently in beta testing which Fifi and I both signed up to be guinea pigs for! Bespoky allows shoppers to connect with in-store stylists and tailor their shopping experience based on the style and experience of their chosen stylist. I was really drawn to the idea, which could potentially bring value back to the dwindling high street experience.

We also took a sneak peek at Bodi.Me, body imaging technology which in seconds can capture your measurements and create an accurate avatar of your body. This was one we didn’t choose to test! The technology allows designers and retailers to track the size and shape of their target audience, gathering a huge amount of data for comparison and allowing shoppers to know what makes them a size 12 and where (confirming that yes, it does vary for each shop!). The scope of this technology goes beyond the retail space, with scope for use in medical research, cosmetic surgery and endless opportunities for tailors and couture designers.

We then had an insight into the business of Brooke Roberts; a radiologist who has combined her profession with her love for fashion. Brooke takes brain and body CT scans, twists, turns and tessellates the images and creates beautiful knitwear designs.

And finally we heard a from Cortexica and all about their app FindSimilar, which really caught our eye, allowing shoppers to take a photo of an item of clothing and then search for where they can buy that garment or similar garments online. The demo certainly won Fifi and I over and we can really seeing this being a go-to app in future, as more and more shoppers choose to buy online.