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In need of commercial and practical advice? Whether you’re a start-up or multi-national business, Waterfront’s commercial lawyers can provide advice and assistance on a range of commercial law issues, contracts and disputes. 

Our Commercial Contract Experience
We draft and advise on all manner of commercial contracts, so whether you’ve just started a business and need a set of standard contracts or you’re an established business that needs an experienced business lawyer to cast a fresh eye over your existing agreements, we’re here to help make the process as seamless as possible.

Our advice is not one-size-fits-all. We want to get to know your business as well as you do, what your priorities are and your attitude to risk. The better we know our clients, the more value we can provide. We’re here to steer you through the legal challenges that come your way, to support your growth and ambitions throughout your business lifecycle. Our success is driven by our clients’ success. 

Our priority when drafting contracts is to protect your business, but our aim is also to provide clear and pragmatic contracts that our clients understand. We want to help you win customers, not lose them.

Need us to take the lead with customer negotiations? Our commercial lawyers are all skilled negotiators and here to assist you from initial offer to pen-to-paper to help you close that deal.

No one likes to lose customers, but disputes and terminations are an inevitable part of business. Our dispute resolution lawyers are here to guide you through the process and fight your corner whether in negotiations, settlements or litigation. 

While we have very extensive and specific expertise in certain industry sectors (and especially in technology and IT), many of the contracts that we draft on a daily basis can be applicable to all industries.
Our assistance doesn’t just span the UK. We have a range of contacts with like minded firms and advisers to help with cross border issues and enter international markets.

Commercial Contract Types

A few examples of the types of contracts that we frequently deal with are:
 •    Precontractual documents and agreements like non-disclosure agreements (“NDA”)/confidentiality agreements, memorandums of understanding (“MOUs”)/letters of intent.

 •    Consultancy agreements (otherwise known as services agreements, sub-contractor agreements and/or supplier agreements).

 •    Collaboration, research & development and joint venture agreements. 

 •    Product licensing agreements. 

 •    Master service agreements (which can include framework agreements or call off contracts). 

 •    Outsourcing and Procurement.

 •    Technology specific contracts (like software licensing, software as a service (“Saas”), platform as a services (“Paas”), Infrastructure as a service (“Iaas”) contracts, cloud service agreements, hosting agreements and support and maintenance agreements.

 •    Online terms and conditions (also referred to as e-commerce agreements, subscription agreements or terms of use).

 •    Agency, distribution and manufacturing agreements. 

 •    Franchising. 

 •    Reseller agreements.

 •    Partner agreements, lead referral/generation agreements, value added reseller agreements (“VAR”), white label agreements and OEM agreements. 

There is some crossover between commercial contracts and much of the other work that we do at Waterfront, including corporate work, data protection and protecting your intellectual property rights. 

On the corporate side, Shareholders Agreements, Partnership and LLP Agreements, Business Sale and Acquisition Agreements and advanced subscription agreements (aka convertible loan notes) are all commercial contracts, but these are usually considered to fall under the heading of corporate work (see our corporate page for more).

 Data protection will involve data processing agreement and data sharing agreements. On the employment side, we can assist you with your employment contracts and settlement agreements.  

If you would like to find out more about what our London-based commercial lawyers can do for you, please contact our commercial law solicitors on 020 7234 0200.