We are delighted to announce that we have recently changed the domain name of our website and email addresses, by adopting the new “dot law” top level domain.

Waterfront was one of the first specialist technology law firms to be set up 17 years ago in the UK. In that time Waterfront has established itself as a highly successful niche IP solicitors, counting several hundred innovative technology companies and household names amongst its client base.

As our firm evolves, so should our brand. We are therefore pleased to introduce a shorter domain name that is not only easier to use, but also more immediately communicates to the world what we do.

Matthew Harris, Joint Head of IP and Disputes, comments: “Being at the forefront of developments in technology and the law it is only fitting that we should take advantage of this new generic top level domain. Dot law domain names can only be registered by verified qualified lawyers and legal institutions. So not only is our domain name snappier than it was, but is also helps engender trust in those who deal with us.”

What has changed?

Besides changing our domain name and subsequently our email addresses, nothing else will change that will affect our clients or enquirers. Links to the Waterfront Solicitors website that use the waterfrontsolicitors.com domain will automatically be redirected to waterfront.law and email sent to our team using their @waterfrontsolicitors.com addresses will also be automatically forwarded.

Our social media accounts remain the same on both Twitter and LinkedIn – do follow us if you have not already.

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