At Waterfront we have long been proud of the work-life balance we have offered our team. However, the challenges of the pandemic and remote working have also shown us that the traditional 9 to 5 Monday to Friday is less relevant in a modern flexible workplace.

Accordingly, we are trialling a new Summer Fridays policy this year.  On Fridays in June, July, and August our team will be able to finish work at 1pm (subject to any unfortunate Friday afternoon deadlines!).  There is no requirement to make up the time during the week.

We see it as a well-earned reward which recognises everyone’s dedication and allows them to makes the most of the weekend.  Hopefully we’ll see more time spent with friends and family during the warmer weather and longer days, and with everyone feeling better refreshed by Monday.

The idea of a shorter working week during summer is not new with many businesses already operating similar schemes.  However, we think it’s relatively rare among professional services and law firms.  We believe it will be a success.