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We are really proud of our team.

We have brought together individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds, who all believe in our firm's approach to work and have a strong desire to help our clients achieve their goals. Our lawyers are commercially focussed with an in depth understanding of the industries in which they operate including IP law, IT and technology, commercial law and employment law.

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Practice Manager

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Practice Manager

Donna joined Waterfront in March 2017 and has worked in the legal industry for a number of years. Working closely with the firm’s partners, Donna is responsible for the day to day running of the Waterfront headquarters. In this busy and varied role, she looks after everything from supplier contracts to human resources and compliance.

Why did you decide to join Waterfront?

I have worked in various roles within the legal industry ( Crown Court Clerk, Magistrates Court Officer, Law firm Office Manager) and I wanted to work in a legal firm where I can make a difference using the experience that I already have but at the same time be encouraged to learn and gain further skills too; the description of the role of Practice Manager at Waterfront ticked every box. There is a great and knowledgeable team of people behind Waterfront, it’s a busy but friendly place to work and I enjoy being part of it!


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